Praying for Las Vegas-Las Vegas Family Photographer

Las Vegas Family Photographer

I woke up today like many others seeing the horrible news of an act of cruelty that happened last night, not far down the freeway from my home. My heart broke, as I heard of so many people killed for no reason at all. My heart softened towards my kids, as I tried to be a little more patient with them. We talked about choices that people make, and how bad choices have awful consequences. We talked about being more kind and forgiving quicker, to put aside our differences, and to just love more. 

I look at this picture I took last week of my son enjoying the simple happiness of blowing bubbles. I know that there are many parents who are grieving today, my heart breaks for them. How important it is to notice life happening around us, and to try not to be so hard hearted. I appreciated the words of a police officer saying that we need to put aside our views on the NFL, Trump, taking a knee, and more, and to just come together in unity and help each other. That's the most important thing right now. 

Please pray for the families who are crying today, and please try to slow down and notice the little things in life. Give more hugs, and laugh more. Forgive. These are my thoughts today. 

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