Testing Out Fujifilm XT20 Camera-Las Vegas Family Photographer

Las Vegas Family Photographer

Hello, friends! My curiosity over mirrorless cameras was peaked recently, and I began researching like a mad woman, gaining lots of insight on this 'mirrorless revolution'. So many pros about these cameras being lighter in size and weight than DSLRS, yet delivering just as beautiful images, to which made me think 'Oh, really?'. Well, I was blessed to sell some old camera gear, and purchase a Fujifilm xT20 with a 35mm 1.4 lens, equivalent to the great 50mm lens on Canon. Now, the learning exploration truly begins.

I have no intention of leaving behind my Canon DSLR and lenses, but I'm intrigued to dabble with this new little friend, and see what it can deliver. I have questions; how is the bokeh on the Fuji lenses? Do they match up to the wonder of 85 1.2 lens, and other portrait lenses? How are the colors coming out of the pictures? Is it really worth it to leave DSLRs and go with mirrorless? Only time playing with this camera will tell, but it's fun to have something light and small to travel with and document more of every day life.

I had my first photo session with the Fuji camera with my daughter in the early hours of the morning, the best weather in hot Las Vegas summers. I'm exploring different ways to edit color, trying to find what makes my heart sing. I used a VSCO filter here, and I love the softness of this image. Soft focus, soft colors, everything. 

Looking at the final result, this pictures speaks to me. First off, I love that my girl adores flowers and being tender with nature. When I look at this, I am reminded how important it is to slow down and notice the world around me. Take time to see and touch flowers, to hear a bird singing its morning praises to the rising sun, to see the light filtering through the leaves of a tree. All these things remind me how important it is to be alive, and how blessed I am to have another day here on earth. There's a wonderful song by Avi Kaplan called "Quarter Past Four" that has a beautiful line: 

Thankful every day I get to rise again
When my eyes start to open as the sunlight warms my skin

That just sums up everything I feel! Just simple and beautiful. Go and explore the world in some small way today.